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Bear Pepper Spray

To start with lets talk alittle about bears. They are wonderful animals. Bears are smart and very curious. They eat about anything they want. like berries, plants, mosses, grasses, flowers, roots , honey, fish, rodents are amoung some items on their menu. Most likely not people unless you have all of a sudden came across one or happened on a mother and her cubs. Cubs stay with their mothers for close to two years and the mothers are very protective of her family.

In the United States we have three types of bears: America’s brown bears Include grizzlies, or North American brown bears, American black bears and polar bears. The American black bear could weighfrom about 100 to 600 pounds. They are the smallest and most common bears of North America.

Brown bears can weigh from 200 to 1,000 pounds. A large adult standing on its hind legs would tower over an adult man. The largest of the brown bear is the Kodiat or Alaskan brown bear, on his hind legs he would tower over NBA players.

Then theres the Polar bear. Polar bears can weigh up to 1,200 pounds. The heaviest recorded weight is over 2,000 pounds. The Polar bear is the largest bear in North America. They can pick up a sent from 20 miles away. Don’t think you can out run a bear. They move very fast, when attacking they can cover 20 to 50 feet per second. They can swim and climb trees.

Bear Pepper Spray is not a repellant. Bear spray is a deterrent. You want to convince the bear to go away and leave you alone without harming you or the bear.

When facing an attacking bear, you options are limited, The National Park Service recommends playing dead if attacked by a brown or grizzly bear but try escaping or fighting back if attacked by a black bear, Bear spray gives you one more option. If attacked by a bear do the following.

(1) Back up slowly, and try to keep as much distance between you and the bear as possibile.

(2) Don’t take your eyes off the bear.

(3) Aim for the eyes and nose, and spray a cloud of bear spray between you and the bear as soon as the bear comes within range. Bear spary is a fog not a stream like regular pepper spray , the aim is not that important.

(4) Spray until the bear turns and runs away.

Bear pepper spray is proven effective, but not 100% foolproof. Make sure you buy bear spray that is approved by the EPA.

Hope this gives you a little knowledge you can use about bears.

William Souza

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