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Mase Pepper Gun 2.0

If you’ve ever had the unpleasant experience of being attacked, preyed upon, or in a dangerous situation, you know how important it is to be armed with anything you can use to fight off an attacker. If you had a walking cane or some type of stick or club that you can use as a weapon. With a weapon your chance of surviving improves immensely. If you aren’t big or a strong person how can you defend yourself against a bigger and stronger attacker?

In these modern times we continue to create tools and weapons that a smaller or weaker person can use to defend themselves against a bigger and stronger assailant.

If you’ve ever been attacked, preyed upon or in a dangerous situation, you know how important it is to be armed with something that will give you a greater chance to fight off an attacker and survive.

What constitutes a good self defense weapon. for the intended victim? The are many weapons you can be confortable using, they will also build up your confidence..

One of the items that a great confidence builder is a Mase pepper gun 2.0. Imagine the self confidence and power you will feel when you point the Mase pepper gun at your attacker and pull the trigger, only to see the person you justed sprayed in the face have difficulty breathing along with 45 minutes of significant burning of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes.

This Mase pepper gun will deliver a powerful stream of OC pepper up to a distance of 20 feet. Imagine you dont need the attacker to get close to you like you have to with a stun gun. This pepper gun is less then $70.00. Just think if you had this little pepper gun you could feel self assured with the confidence this little device gives you. This pepper gun will put an attacker down for longer then a stun gun. Of course thats just my opinion.

There is another item I’m proud to mention it the “Mace Triple Action Personal Pepper Spray. Price is $17.95. This little device can be hidden in your purse or in any pocket. This little baby will spray 12 feet. it can spray as many as 20 short bursts. It also has a uv dye that leaves a long-lasting residue to support investation and identifucation,

Billprotection Store has a variety of self-defense weapons for the average person to keep them prepared and safe. Check out our self-defense productsfor sinsors to find the secutity and confidence you deserve. Remember be prepared and u will be less likely be a victim.

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