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My Life

Hello glad you dropped by to check out my website. I feel that if you knew a little about me it might make it easier for you to buy my products. My name is William (Bill) Souza Jr. I was born in Oakland California at Merritt Hospital in may 27, 1938. oops gave away my age. Yes I am 83 years old. lived in Oakland for about 5 years before we moved to Pleasanton lived there a few years. In1948 we moved to San Lorenzo Village. Went to San Lorenzo High School. Quit high school as a Junior, Joined the U.S. Air Force Jan 10th 1956. Took my Basic Training at Camp Parks in Pleasanton Ca.

After my Tour of 4 years in the U.S. Air Force I was Honorably discharged then I moved to Hayward Ca. I got a job at Flint Cote Box Company. I worked there for two years. I then Landed a job with P G &E. I work for them for 29 1/2 years. Then I retired from them. I was Blessed I go an early out. I retired May 1, 1995. After I was retired a few years i decided I needed something else to do. I then be came a Traveling Ca. Notary. I’ve been a Ca. Notary for 23 years. I received a award from Livermore for “Bill’s Mobile Notary” being the best Notary in 2019 in Livermore. I’m proud of that. Next year on Dec 30, 2022 I will retire as a Ca. Notary.

Just one more item to enter. I have two Daughters, four Grand Children and one Great Grand Son five years old.

So now you see my next venture. I now own ( The way our Country is heading I feel there is really a need to protect our Families and our Homes.

I hope you look over our different types of products from Personal Alarms, to Stun Guns, Pepper Spray and many other items.

I thank you for dropping by.

William (Bill) Souza

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