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Safety Lights

Safety Lights For Walking at Night
When walking after dark, many walkers use safety lights to increase their visibility. These small devices usually have long batteries and can be turned on and off without getting in the way. They are effective at getting the attention of drivers and help avoid tripping hazards. Some walkers even use flashlight apps on their cellphones. These are especially useful when they are walking in areas without streetlights. They are a great way to see approaching cars.

Another type of safety light that you can use is a clip-on LED flashlight. This device has a rechargeable battery and allows you to use it as a flashlight. You can choose a red or white light. Some of these lights have straps attached to them. A strap is included to secure the light to your clothing. These lights can be used for walking in any direction and provide up to 100 hours of light.

A good walking light should be comfortable for you to carry. Handheld lights can lead to hand cramps. Choose a light that does not bounce around or look bulky. It should also be bright enough to help you see hazards. Dim walking lights can cause you to trip on a trail. The light should be bright enough to illuminate the path ahead. A dim light could cause you to fall over, and a bright light will enable you to spot hazards before they occur.

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