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Stun Guns

Whether we like it or not the world around us can be dangerous, particularly for women. There are people out there who will target you for robbery or violent crime, especially when you’re travelling alone and especially at night. It’s wise to be prepared.

What We Offer
At Bills Protection Equipment, we offer electroshock weapons for women or anyone who wants to protect themselves. The most common form of electroshock weapon is a stun gun. These versatile, non-lethal weapons are handheld and are convenient to carry around. Many of the weapons we sell don’t even appear to be stun guns, which should make you more comfortable carrying them around in public.

For example, our “Bad Ass” stun gun has the appearance of the flashlight. While it does shine light, it’s also a stun gun with a 110-million-volt kick. The person you’re fending off will never see it coming. We also have a knife/stun gun combo available and stun guns that appear to be pens, lipstick cases or cell phones. One hit from any of them should deter anyone who poses a threat to you.

Bills Protection Equipment
At Bills Protection Equipment, we sell far more than just stun guns. If you’re looking to be prepared for any sort of danger, we have pepper spray, personal alarms, hidden cameras, knives, safes and more. The supplier we use is one of the most respected in the industry and has been in business for 36 years. They’re one of the country’s largest dealers of non-lethal self defense products. Our website has hundreds of self-protection items for sale, but don’t be intimidated by the variety of choices available. We have a professional and friendly product support staff that is knowledgeable about everything we carry.

Be prepared, don’t be a victim. If you’re looking to protect yourself, your home and your family, visit our website to view our stun gun selection or call us 800-859-5566 with any questions.

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