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Spiked Jogger Stun Gun With Alarm
When you’re out running and feel threatened, a spiked jogger stun gun is an excellent self-defense option. It features a spiked knuckle and prongs that can be jabbed or scratched. You can also attach a synthetic holster to protect yourself when you’re out and about. These guns come with a safety switch and an alarm so that you can safely and quickly discharge them when you need them.

The Jogger Spiked Defensive Knuckle Stun Gun is a great self-defense weapon because it combines a self-defense weapon and a stun gun in one. Its unique design makes it easy to carry and a personal loud alarm allows you to give a powerful and effective shock to your attacker. The electroshock effect of the stun gun can render an attacker helpless for several minutes.

This stun gun features a high-voltage knuckle ring, which is one of the highest voltages available for a knuckle taser. It delivers milliamps of electricity to the person who has gotten too close to you and is attempting to hurt you. The alarm also features alternating red and green flashlight led lights. Depending on the jogger stun gun with alarm, this one can have an alarm and may be more effective than a knuckle taser.


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