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Talon Brand Stun Guns
Talon stun guns are designed to deliver 75 Million volts of electricity through an attacker’s body. The Talon stun gun features a trigger that is hidden in the palm of your hand

d and fires a shock of the same amount through the attacker’s body. This stun gun comes with a 120 Lumen LED flashlight and is easy to carry in a pocket, purse, backpack, or holster.

The Talon Stun Knuckle comes with a flashlight and a powerful stun gun in an easy-to-carry package. The flashlight can protect you when you shine it into an attacker’s eyes, and the flashlight can be used as a defense when you’re trapped in a situation where you can’t use a weapon. It’s rechargeable and has a holster made of nylon.

Unlike tasers, stun guns must be held or touched by an attacker in order to deliver a shock. These guns don’t use pain to work; instead, the electricity is dumped into their muscle groups. This fast-working cycle depletes their blood sugar and turns it into lactic acid, leaving the attacker unable to function. Stun guns also disrupt tiny neurological impulses that control voluntary muscle movement. When an attacker feels the electric shock, their entire body is stunned and their balance is lost.
Defend yourself or you become a Vitim.

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