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Cell Phone Stun Gun For Women
A cell phone stun gun for women is usually lightweight and small in size. Because of this, it is easy to carry with you when you’re out with your girlfriend or wife. However, some stun guns for women may come with additional features. These extras will add weight and size to the product. You should consider this when shopping for the stun gun for your girl. It is important to choose a device that has the necessary features for protecting yourself.

One of the most common uses of a cell phone stun gun for women is to scare an attacker. This device has a bright LED flashlight built right into its black-colored back. It is a great way to scare away an attacker or use to locate keys in your purse. In addition to a powerful shock, it is easy to use and recharges with a micro USB charging cord. You should note that the stun gun does not include a wall brick, however, and is more suitable for women.

Another popular stun gun for women is the JOLT mini stun gun. It measures 4.5″ long and has a belt clip for easy carrying. The device has two safety mechanisms: a safety switch and a pin attached to a lanyard. A stun gun is designed to leave an assailant dazed for up to two seconds while he tries to get up and run away.

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