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Stun Gun With Alarm and Flashlight
A stun gun with an alarm and flashlight is very effective for reducing a possible attacker’s chances of escaping. These units are typically easy to conceal and can be carried in a pocket. They deliver 1.25 microcoulombs of electric shock and are charged by a built-in battery and charger. Most stun guns are rechargeable, but they are not reusable while charging. A rechargeable stun gun should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from excessive heat or humidity. Avoid direct sunlight or rain on the stun gun. You should also avoid using the electric shock function repeatedly or for longer than five seconds.

Stun Now Works with the Light On feature is a life-saving safety feature that is available only on this model. Other models require that you turn off the flashlight before you can use the stun feature. The Stun Now Works With the Light On feature helps prevent this from happening, and it prevents snatching while you’re using a flashlight. In addition, the 4-N-1 Charger allows you to use the stun gun while the flashlight is on, which means you can use it in any situation. This unit comes with a durable metal clip that helps to keep it secure wherever you go.

A stun gun with alarm and flashlight is an excellent everyday carry option. Many types have different features and can be customized to your specific needs. They’re compact and can be carried in a pocket. You can purchase a stun gun that works best for you. The keychain version is also convenient for smaller hands or for those who don’t have a holster. With its adjustable strap, it can be stored anywhere you go.

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