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Zap Blast Knuckles Extreme Stun Gun Review
If you’re looking for a powerful stun gun that can knock down an attacker, the Zap Blast Knuckles Extreme is a good option. Its powerful shocks are effective at knocking down an opponent and can also help authorities collect DNA. The ZAP Blast Knuckles Extreme has four spike electrodes and a non-slip grip for comfort and ease of use. The device also comes with two lithium CR123A batteries and a heavy nylon carrying case.

The ZAP Extreme Blast Knuckles stun gun packs 950,000 volts of electricity to knock an attacker to the ground. The weapon’s four patented ultra-sharp spike electrodes are highly effective at deterring an attacker. This stun gun is safe to use and comes with built-in safety features including an LED red light that blinks when it’s activated.

The Zap Blast Knuckles Extreme stun gun is a high-voltage self-defense device that is a premium option for active people. Its design makes it a discreet stun taser that delivers consistent voltage for maximum stopping power. The stun gun comes with two replaceable lithium batteries for long-lasting use. This stun gun provides the most consistent voltage output of any stun gun in its price range and can be concealed anywhere, including your car.

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