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Diversion Safes

Diverson and can safes

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Protect Your Valuables With Diverson and Can Safes
A diversion safe is a great way to protect your valuables without attracting attention. Diversion safes look like ordinary household items. An Arizona Tea Diversion Safe, for example, is a diversion safe built into a can. Because the can looks and feels like an actual one, burglars would never consider checking it out. And because you can safely store cash in the compartment, the safe is ideal for storing spare keys.

A diversion safe must look authentic, but it cannot be too realistic looking. Although a fake diversion safe may look like a roller hairbrush, someone could accidentally borrow it. If you share a house with others, avoid purchasing a Diversion Safe in the shape of a can of Pringles. Obviously, it won’t last that long in a house full of college students, and you wouldn’t want to be the one to discover it!

A diversion safe is crafted to mimic a common household item, so that a law enforcement officer may not realize what’s inside until he or she inspects the item closely. Diversion safes can be in any shape and may even be disguised as common household items like soda bottles or mantle clocks. They can even look like money or food, making them difficult to detect by law enforcement officers. The use of diversion safes is growing because of their high potential.

Diversion safe stash secret hidden storage for car.


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