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Pepper Shot

Pepper Gel Gun Versus Pepper Spray For Self Defense
Pepper gel and pepper spray are two commonly used self defense products. Both contain the same active ingredient, oleoresin capsicum, which is a naturally occurring compound found in cayenne peppers. Pepper gel is a much safer option, as it is less likely to blow back into your face. The main difference between the two self defense products is the OC content, which is higher in pepper gel. Understanding the difference will help you choose the best self defense product.

A pepper gel gun is a device that shoots a high-powered spray of liquid gas that causes burning sensations in the face. These chemicals can temporarily stop an attacker and make it difficult to breathe or open their eyes. The spray can be used as a weapon in a self-defense situation, and the OC content will vary depending on the gun you choose. Some pepper gel guns shoot a mist, while others shoot a stream that is not as easily inhaled. The OC content in a pepper spray gun also depends on the spray pattern. Mists tend to be more powerful, but have a shorter range than sprays.

Another option is the Sabre Aim and Fire Pepper Gel gun. This gun is designed to be carried like a pistol, and will spray a high-potency gel toward an intruder. The Sabre brand is highly trusted by police and is made in the USA. This pepper gel gun will be most effective at defending you from a long-range attacker, but if you’re too close to use the Sabre, you’ll be left without any protection.

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