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Self Defense Senior Protection

The way the climate is in our country now days we are wise to concentrate on Self Defense Senior Protection. It seems more and more of our seniors are being mugged at an unbelievable rate. Seniors can’t hardly walk or drive to the store with out being stopped and mugged in the parking lot. We have to have a way to deter this from happening. We call this “Self Defense Senior Protection”.

One way is to have a personal alarm that wil emit a loud noise that will draw attention to the crime being committed. There are many different types of alarms that will fill this need. The louder the noise created the better. It draws attention to someone being attacked. The noise will startle the attacker and draw attention to him or her and this is not what they would expect. At the loud noise heads will turn toward the sound, the attacker and the victim both will be seen at the noise site, at this time the startled attacker not wanting to be seen in the act of a mugging will flee the scene. Saving the victim from being harmed.

There are many different types of alarms. Some will have key chains so they can be clipped onto a key ring. Others will have clips to attach to a belt or belt loop or other places where they can be gotten to in a millisecond. In a dimly lighted area you should be mentally aware of your surroundings. Even if you don’t see any one be aware that you maybe are watched. Alarms also come in many different styles. Some have LED flash lights, plus alarms built in them. I have seen alarms that are so small that it is hard to grap them and hit the button fast. But the main idea for an alarm is to emit a loud sound for self defense. The sound they emit is gauged by a (db) rating. The higher the number the louder the sound. The db ratings go from 80 db up to 140 db. The 140db emits a very shrieking and constant alert that will send your attacker fleeing for the confines of a quiet place or sound proof room. You can then disarm your alarm and go along you merry way.

William Souza

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