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70M volt Gator Stun gun with Flashlight




70M volt Gator Stun Gun with Flashlight is an effective self defense weapon that can help safeguard you and your family in case of an unwanted hostile encounter. Measuring 13 inches long, this striking self defense tool features a bright 120 lumen flashlight and three light modes plus 70 million volts of shock to stop an attacker in their tracks.

Its three light modes let you choose the ideal setting for any situation, while the high-end tactical flashlight provides that beacon of light to distract an attacker in dark or hazardous circumstances. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and durability, this taser baton also has a lithium-ion battery for an extended charge cycle – up to 4 hours on one charge!  Purchase one now:  First time buyers get 15% discount.

This powerful self defense baton will put even the biggest, meanest  attacker on the run! At only 13 inches long and equipped with a bright 120 lumen flashlight, this striking self defense weapon helps you identify threats and, if needed, zap or stun them to deter an attack.

Stun guns and pepper spray are essential tools in any man’s self-defense arsenal, regardless of age or gender. Not only do they make you more visible to potential attackers, but having both is recommended at all times. Therefore, always have your stun gun and flashlight with you at all times for added peace of mind.

Stun guns may not be lethal, but they still have the potential for injury if misused. Therefore, it’s always best to learn how to use them correctly and practice before trying them out in real life.  You can have the 70M Volt Gator Stun Gun With Flashlight for 15% discount.

Safety for your family should never be taken for granted – it’s the most important factor, and one of the reasons why many people carry powerful self-defense weapons. Even in a secure neighborhood, it’s wise to keep these tools handy in both your home and car at all times in order to boost your level of protection.

Selecting the ideal taser pistol can seem like a daunting task with so many available options. It’s essential to remember that not all tasers offer identical power and voltage, so knowing what your requirements are when shopping for one should be taken into consideration.

When shopping for a stun gun, quality should always be taken into account since cheaper brands may not be as powerful or efficient as more expensive models. Make sure your stun gun offers high voltage levels; this will be your most reliable way of stopping an attacker.  Buy now, first time buyers get a 15% discount.


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70M volt Gator Stun gun with Flashlight

The 70M volt Gator Stun gun with Flashlight and a striking weapon all in a single unit.  The Gator has a bright 120 lumen flashlight with 3 light modes. When blinding an attacker isn’t enough, the Gator dishes out a whopping 70 million volts shock. Because of its aircraft aluminum construction and 13-inch length, the Gator can also be used as a defensive. The textured handle ensures you keep a firm grip with each swing.  No need to worry about having to invest in batteries. It comes with 2 lithium rechargeable batteries and a wall charger. It also comes with a nylon holster that goes on your belt.  Buy your 70M volt Gator Stun gun with Flashlight today and get 15% discount.

Features:                                                                                  DEFEND YOURSELF OR BECOME A VICTIM
• 70 Million Volts
• 4.9 Milliamps
• 120 lumens
• 3 Light Modes: You can select either maximum, medium, or strobe mode.
• Aircraft Grade Aluminum
• 13 ¾” Long x 1 ¼” Wide
• Lifetime Warranty

• Gator Stun Baton with Flashlight
• Instructions
• Battery Charger
• Lithium Battery (2 18650 batteries)
• Nylon Holster

Weight 1.9 lbs


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