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Creamer Hidden Diversion Safe Sale


Interior dimensions of safe 1¾” x 5″


Creamer Hidden Diversion Safe Sale

A diversion safe is a hidden safe that is designed to resemble an ordinary soda can. If a thief finds your stash, he’ll be less likely to find it if it’s disguised. There are some key features to consider when buying one. The first is its authenticity: a fake bottle will only contain fake chapstick.  Protect Your Stash From Thieves

Another important factor is its appearance. Ideally, a diversion safe must blend in with the rest of your home. It should be small and not stand out. A common mistake is hiding a secret can of spam somewhere that would be easily noticed by someone hungry for it. To make it even more difficult for someone to notice, you can conceal your stash in items like coffee, soda, or pop cans.  Creamer Hidden Diversion Safe Sale

Diversion safe cans can also be disguised. 7up soda can makes for a great diversion safe because it blends in with any decor. It is even made from recycled materials and mimics the weight of a full can of soda. The best part is that it even opens like a real 7up can.

Another great feature of a soda can diversion safe is its convenience. This type of safe is designed to look like a normal soda can and comes with a hidden compartment. It can conceal a variety of items, including cash and valuables. This safe is easy to use and can easily fit into your refrigerator. Unlike regular safes, a soda can diversion safe is easy to hide.

Diversion safes are a great way to protect your stash from thieves. Diversion safes can be purchased for a reasonable price and some come with a key or combination lock. Some are even designed to look like a desk clock. Diversion safes are also useful for homeowners who stay away from home often or have visitors.  Buy now on sale  Creamer Hidden Diversion Safe Sale , 15% Sale.

Creamer Diversion Safe


Weight 0.6 lbs


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