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LED Flashlight, Stun Gun, & knife Combo


LED Flashlight, Stun Gun, & knife Combo

The  LED Flashlight , Stun Gun, & knife Combo is a powerful self-defense set that features a 3 1/4-inch folding knife and a 120-lumen LED flashlight. It’s compact and can be carried in a pocket or hand. It’s rechargeable and comes with a nylon belt holster and a charging cord.

The Stun Master Hot Shot is a surprisingly powerful self-defense tool. This small knife features a powerful stun gun that can drop an attacker to the ground in seconds. The blade has a safety switch and a built-in battery that can last up to three months, depending on usage. It also has a wrist strap for easy use.

The Triad Stun Gun is smaller and lighter than most stun guns, yet still provides enough power to stop an attacker. It’s also very easy to carry. It comes with a lanyard and can be recharged via a USB port, a car charger, or a computer.

A Stun Gun Knife and Flashlight is a useful self-defense weapon, but the use of one in a situation may be inappropriate or dangerous. It may even be illegal. It’s important to make sure you have the proper legal status before purchasing any self-defense weapon bUY TODAY GET A 15% DISCOUNT: LED Flashlight ,Stun Gun, & knife Combo



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LED Flashlight, Stun Gun, & knife Combo

LED Flashlight, Stun Gun, & knife Combo. Comfortable in hand, the Stun Knife delivers super powered stun protection. A built-in 3 1⁄4″ folding knife blade gives you razor’s edge protection if ever needed. The menacing sound of the Stun Knife’s arc of electricity can defuse a dangerous situation before it begins! It has a blinding 120 Lumen LED flashlight and great shape allowing for a superb grip. You can carry the Stun Knife in your hand, pocket, or in the nylon belt holster that’s included. The Stun Knife comes with a charging cord to recharge the stun gun and flashlight. It uses nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries that can’t be replaced.

  • 4.8 milliamps
  • 20 Million volts
  • Knife Blade 3 1⁄4″
  • Measures 6 1⁄8″ x 2 1⁄8″ x 1″
  • Strong Air Craft Aluminum Construction
  • Rechargeable
  • Nylon Belt Loop Holster
  • Built-in LED 120 Lumen Flashlight
Weight 2 lbs


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