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Mace® PepperGard Pocket Pepper Spray


Best Mace Pepper Spray

The Mace Peppergard Pocket Pepper Spray is an excellent self-defense spray for teens, women, and the elderly. When used properly, it can stop an attacker and give you up to 15 minutes to get away and seek help. However, this self-defense spray is not a good choice for children or pets.

The Mace Peppergard Pocket Pepper Spray is a compact, flip-top safety cap pepper spray that is effective for up to 10 feet. Its small size makes it easy to conceal in a purse or key chain. It also features a finger grip dispenser. It is easy to use, and features a flip-top safety cap that makes it easy to use.

The Mace PepperGard Pocket Pepper Spray is a ten percent spray, which is the same as what law enforcement personnel use. It has a ten-foot range and is TSA/FAA compliant. It contains Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), a natural substance derived from hot peppers. When sprayed, the spray produces a burning sensation that can be felt by those nearby.

The OC pepper formula will cause respiratory difficulty, blurred vision, and a burning sensation in the skin for up to 45 minutes. This pepper spray comes with a keychain and is not legal in Wisconsin, Hawaii, or Washington D.C. However, if used properly, this self-defense weapon can be a great asset for personal Protection.



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MACE 10% PEPPERGARD® is a superior formula of high-grade OC pepper designed to make the eyes slam shut, causes uncontrollable coughing and choking, plus a painful burning sensation.

The PepperGard Pocket pepper spray feature Mace Brand’s unique flip & grip design. The flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharge, while the finger grip dispenser makes it easy to aim.

Easy aim feature makes this model ideal for emergency use. Compact design and finger-grip dispenser fit comfortably in woman’s hand.

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