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Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

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Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

Mini Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR

A Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DV records video footage in real time, allowing you to see exactly what’s going on without the need for an external recorder. You can hook up the hidden camera to a TV, computer monitor, or SD card reader. The built-in DVR can be set to record footage in real time or when motion is detected. Depending on the model, the Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR can be battery-powered or wired.

The HD Mini Spy Camera with DVR and WiFi technology records clear video footage at 720×480 resolution and 30 frames per second. It can record in 720p resolution, and the video can be played back via a USB port or computer. The HD Mini Hidden Spy Camera can be installed anywhere in the house or car, and includes a USB cable, pocket clip, and wall/dash bracket.

There are several types of mini hidden spy cameras. The most common are pinhole cameras, which are hidden behind small objects. Others are wireless cameras and mini-cameras disguised as objects. Some even feature built-in DVRs. Their tiny lens makes them easy to hide, and they work well for garden and baby monitoring. The All in One DVR series is the easiest to install, but be aware that it is not viewed from a remote location.

The Kami Indoor Camera is a dual-purpose mini hidden spy camera that records 360-degree coverage and full-HD video. Its unique motion-activated technology also means that it is inconspicuous and undetectable. It’s the perfect choice for homeowners who want to monitor their home without arousing suspicion. When installed properly, the Cami Indoor Camera will be a great asset


Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR and motion activation. The Mini spy camera is one of the smallest cameras on the market. It is small and very versatile. You can use this camera practically anywhere for almost anything. It can be used for outdoor activities, body worn applications, capture evidence for court, car surveillance, RC’s, and drones. The built in motion detection allows for recordings when movement is detected in the cameras view.
It comes with 2 types of mounts the first is pocket clip mount that can be used to clip the camera to a piece of clothing or object. The second mount is a wall/dash mount. This mount is versatile as it can be screwed into drywall or attached with Velcro. It can also be attached to a necklace. Not only it is small and versatile, it records crisp clear video footage at 1920x1080P resolution or 1280x720P resolution at 30fps and stores the footage on a 32GB micro SD card (Included).

Features: 1280x720P or 1920x1080P video resolution at 30fps, 12M (4032×3024) photo resolution, up to 60-minute battery life, works with Windows and Mac OS, 32GB memory, dimensions 1” cube.
Includes: Mini Spy Camera, USB cable w/TV-out, pocket clip, wall/dash bracket, user manual.

Weight 0.3 lbs

1 review for Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

  1. Abagail Neindorf

    A fear years ago, I had some of my stuff stolen thanks to my apartment’s shady maintenance man. The whole situation has been haunting me since and I’m not taking any chances now that I’ve moved into a new complex. I needed something discreet and easy to hide, so a friend of mine suggested me this model. Once I have the battery charged up, I just switch it on and then hide it within my room’s decorations. I used one of the mounts it comes with to make sure it stays in place. The whole recording process is pretty easy and when you need to watch your recorded footage, it’s just a matter of plugging it into your computer, clicking on the video folder and then choosing which video file you’d like to view. The video will then start playing via your computer’s media player of choice and comes out nice and clear. As the name says, this camera is tiny! It fits right in the palm of my hand. A nice feature is that it only records when there’s movement detected that way it doesn’t eat away at the battery life or fill up the memory card with unnecessary footage. Two other things I don’t need to worry about are first having to spend money on batteries since it charges up with a cable and the other is purchasing a memory card since both of these are included with the camera. You got something sneaky or suspicious going on around your place? Get yourself one of these.

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