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police style12″ friction expandable


12 baton self defense

With a built-in key chain. It measures 5.5 inches in length when retracted, and can be expanded to 12 inches with a flick of the wrist. It is made of high-quality, solid steel and weighs nine ounces. This item is not meant to be banged against wood flooring, as this may damage the flooring.

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police style12″ friction expandable

Using a police style12″ friction expandable is a great way to protect yourself without taking up too much space. It is efficient and effective means of self-defense and comes in at a modest price tag. It is made from solid stainless steel and includes a key ring to tuck it away safely when not in use. It is an impressive weapon in its own right and makes for a great addition to your belt pocket.  Use  12-Inch Telescopic Steel Batons For Effective Self-Defense.  On Sale now save 15%. The best part about using a 12-inch telescopic steel weapon is the fact that it provides a measure of flexibility not found in many other self defense weapons. It is a surprisingly effective tool in a crowded melee. It might be one of the best defensive weapons you can carry and it is certainly one of the easiest to use.  The use of 12-inch telescopic steel batons makes the best choice for your self-defense arsenal. Its high-quality steel makes it resistant to warping and fading. Its telescopic steel blade makes for a convenient weapon that can reach out to the enemy at the drop of a hat. It also has a nifty retractable lanyard, which makes for a neat and tidy carry case.

Use a police style12″ friction expandable

For Effective Self-Defense

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A12 inch telescopic steel baton in your hand with a flick of the wrist! This expanding baton comes with a convenient belt clip and key ring for easy access. Simple, effective self-defense with extra reach. Never be caught unprepared! Closed length: 6.5″ Expanded length: 12 3⁄8″

Weight 0.55 lbs

Plasma, Gold, Gray


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