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runner Mace gel pepper Spray sale


Runner Mace Gel Pepper Spray Sale

Mace Pepper Gel women runner  defense is a great option for women who enjoy outdoor exercises. It contains 35 bursts of gel pepper spray and delivers protection at a safe distance. It has a 12-foot (4M) range.  Take advantage of this sale.

Sabre Runner Pepper Gel

The women’s Sabre Runner Pepper Gel is a high-performance pepper spray, providing maximum protection for runners and active women. This pepper spray has an accurate burst and a 12-foot range. A built-in hand strap makes it easy to carry and activate.

This pepper spray also comes with a window-breaker and seat belt cutter. It can deliver a total of 25 powerful bursts of pepper gel up to 12 feet. It also has an ergonomic finger grip to improve aim and provide greater control. It also features a flip-top safety feature to avoid accidental discharges inside a purse or bag. It also has a keyring attachment that can be used to attach to your keys.


The TigerLady is a retractable self-defense weapon that is designed to fit comfortably into your hand while you run. It also comes with a wristband for extra security. This jogger-friendly defense tool has DNA-capturing channels that can help you identify a potential attacker. It also has a variety of holding options for different types of attacks.

The TigerLady is made by a company that hires disabled veterans and costs $30. It is made of foam and plastic and is legal in all 50 states. It is not lethal and can only harm an attacker, not the victim. Therefore, it is perfectly legal to use against an unknown attacker.

Terminator Mini Stun Gun

A self-defense stun gun is a small but powerful device that can cause a person to lose their balance and lose control of their muscles. It is an effective tool for fending off an attacker because it can be concealed in a running belt or pocket. This device is effective and affordable, and it can provide runners with peace of mind.

Go Guarded

A Go Guarded is a hand-held defensive weapon with a serrated edge. Designed especially for female athletes, this device is designed to mimic the hand you naturally use to protect yourself. It was developed by a female runner who felt defenseless while out on runs. She also has a background in criminal justice, so she knew firsthand what would protect her.

This self-defense spray is attached to your clothing via a Velcro-like strap. When you’re accosted, you can simply flip up the cap and spray yourself. The resulting stream of pepper spray has a 12-foot (4-meter) range and minimizes wind blowback.


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Runner Mace Gel Pepper Spray Sale

Runner Mace Gel Pepper Spray Sale is a great option for runners who want a self defense tool to help them feel safer. The SABRE Runner Pepper Gel Spray is compact, has a convenient palm strap, and is perfect for running and exercising.

Pepper spray is a type of aerosol spray that contains capsaicin, a chemical irritant that causes an intense burning sensation to the eyes, mouth, and skin. It is also used to incapacitate an assailant. It is one of the most popular and effective personal safety devices on the market.

Aside from a range of different pepper spray brands, some states also have strict laws regarding the shipment of pepper spray. Some states prohibit shipment of pepper spray with tear gas. This type of spray can also be used to distract aggressive dogs.  Will stop aggressive dogs that chase runners:  Runner Mace Gel Pepper Spray Sale

Pepper spray can be used on a person’s skin for a long period of time. Pepper gels are a liquid-based spray that is more effective and easier to aim than aerosol sprays. They also eliminate the risk of the product blowing back towards you.

SABRE is the world’s number one pepper gel manufacturer. Their powerful formula contains seven times more Major Capsaicinoids than most law enforcement agencies. SABRE’s pepper gels are ideal for outdoor exercise and are also safe for use indoors.

Pepper sprays have a four-year shelf life. They are also safer to use than firearms. You should also consider the weather conditions when using pepper spray. They are usually legal in all 50 states. However, there are also potency restrictions.  Runner Mace gel pepper Spray sale is a Patented  formulation of pepper spray which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream. This Pepper Gel formulation results in several advantages:  Buy Now Great Product:

Runner Mace Gel Pepper Spray Sale.  15% Off

  • Longer Distance
  • Stronger Pepper
  • Non-Flammable
  • Sticks Like Glue
  • Less Contaminating
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45 Grams, 79 grams


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