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Safety Technology Barking Dog Alarm


Dog Barking Alarm Motion Detector

A barking dog alarm is a great option for protecting your home and family. These devices are easy to install and can be battery powered or plugged in. Many of these systems come with mounting hardware. However, these devices are only effective if the dog barks within the detection area. They are better suited to alerting people inside the home than protecting the home from burglars.

Some of the most basic types of barking dog alarms play an angry dog barking sound when motion is detected. Others feature multiple settings based on the volume and frequency of the sound. The sound can be a real dog barking, a gunshot, or even a recording of humans talking. Some of these systems also have flashing LED lights to alert occupants to intruders or guests.

Barking dog alarms should be loud enough to scare off intruders, but not so loud that they will disturb neighbors. Decibel levels between 100 and 115 decibels are ideal. This volume is comparable to the sound produced by most personal audio devices and loud entertainment venues. If you want to choose the right barking dog alarm for your home, you should consider choosing one with an adjustable range, so you can set the volume to suit your needs.

The Streetwise Virtual K9 Barking Dog Alarm is an excellent choice if you want to protect your home. The device works by imitating the sound of a vicious dog barking, and its alarm is so realistic that a would-be intruder will think twice about breaking into your home. A study conducted by the US Department of Justice concluded that most burglars will avoid a house with a dog.



The Barking Dog Alarm is ideal for your home, office, store, business, or any place that would benefit from having a security dog. Except you don’t have to feed, water, walk it or take it to the vet. It scares would-be intruders away by imitating the sound of a vicious barking dog (or an alarm) whenever anyone approaches.
The barking dog alarm is used to provide early warning against intrusion and to make people think twice before breaking in. According to the US Department of Justice, “a dog’s presence is a close substitute for human occupancy and most burglars avoid houses with dogs”.
It uses non-harmful microwaves to “see” through walls and activate either an alarm, a chime, or the recording of a German Shepard in attack mode as soon as motion is detected. The chime can be used by store owners to let them know a customer has entered the store or at home as an automatic doorbell to alert you to visitors approaching.
Please note that it will sense motion through most walls (wood, cement, brick, stucco, glass, etc.) but will not work through metal walls, walls with metal studs, tinted glass, or extremely thick walls.

• The microwave signal can “see” through walls and detect someone approaching from over 10 feet away
• Three modes: barking dog, chime, or alarm
• Powered by an AC adapter (included) or 8 AA batteries (not included) for temporary use during a power outage
• Wireless remote control to arm/disarm the unit, change the sound mode, or activate the panic alarm in case of an emergency
• Long-range remote control (50+ feet also work through walls).
• Eight volume levels with maximum volume of 120 dB
• Measures 6 x 5.75 x 3.75 inches.
• Three Sensor Settings for adjusting distance: High, Medium, Low
• Warranty: 1 year

• Barking Dog Alarm
• Remote with battery
• Instructions
• AC Adapter
• Window Warning Sticker

Weight 3.3 lbs


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