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Solar Powered Dummy Camera With Flashing LED 


Solar Powered Dummy Camera with Motion Activated Flashing LED

Discounted Solar Powered Dummy Camera With Motion Detection LED An Indoor and Outdoor Dummy Camera

When you want to protect your home or business with a solar-powered dummy camera, you can buy a solar-powered dummy camera that’s both indoor and outdoor. These types of dummy cameras come in various designs and can even look realistic. While dummy cameras cannot protect your property, they can give you peace of mind. The best part is that the solar-powered dummy camera is rechargeable and runs on batteries.

The Solar Powered Dummy Camera With Motion – An Indoor, and Outdoor Dummy Camera

Unlike the real thing, fake security cameras can be easily installed. They are wire-free and don’t require hardwiring. Depending on the model, they can feature HD video resolution, 2K super HD video, 5/2.4 GHz Dual-Band WiFi, color night vision, two-way audio, and more. And the best part is that you won’t have to pay monthly fees.



Solar Powered Dummy Camera With Flashing LED

Having a Solar Powered Dummy Camera with Flashing LED can be a great way to add an extra layer of security to your property. In addition to scaring off potential burglars, the camera can also save you money on energy.

The solar powered dummy camera has a number of features, including a built-in flashing red LED that flashes every few seconds. It can also be connected to your phone through an app. This means that you won’t have to worry about paying for a monthly subscription or a fancy recorder. This camera is also waterproof. You can even use it outdoors. The camera is designed with a real-looking casing. It has a fully-adaptable mounting bracket that makes it easy to install and remove.

The dummy camera is also capable of recording a 2-megapixel image. This camera can even survive in temperatures as low as 14-104-degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with an authentic video cable and stainless steel screws for mounting. It’s a smart buy for home or office security.

The dummy camera uses AA batteries to power its red LED. This is actually the most effective way to conserve energy, because it will only need to turn on a couple of times per day. The AA batteries are not included in the box. However, the rechargeable batteries can be charged by the built-in solar panel. This means you can keep the batteries charged without needing to replace them after a month.

The dummy camera is also impressive for its ability to perform 24 hours a day without overheating. This is something that many fake cameras can’t achieve. The dummy camera’s casing is made of real-looking materials, allowing it to look like a genuine surveillance camera. The lens is also wide enough to replicate a genuine security camera. It’s also very well made, able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The Solar Powered Dummy Camera with Flashing lED also has a sunshield, which helps prevent moisture from entering the camera. This will help ensure that your battery lasts as long as possible. It’s also the smallest dummy camera available in the market. It weighs in at 30 pounds. It’s the perfect crime deterrent to add to your home or business.

The dummy camera also has an LED that will light up when you press the on/off button. This is a feature that isn’t found on most fake cameras, and it’s a very cool techie toy. The LED isn’t very bright, but it’s certainly visible from a distance.

The dummy camera is a clever piece of kit that looks just like the real thing. It’s not too expensive and it’s able to work for hours. It also has the capability to record a two-way audio. It’s a nifty little gadget that you can’t really afford to miss out on.

While the dummy camera has a number of other features, it’s the red LED that gets the attention. It’s not only the most impressive piece of technology, but it also works as a practical and useful piece of hardware.  You can BUY IT NOW WITH A 15% DISCOUNT OUR

Solar Powered Dummy Camera With Flashing LED


• Detection Range: over 15 feet

• Rain Shield: so that camera can be used anywhere.

• Solar Powered: The flashing LED strobe light can be powered by the sun (which charges the 3 rechargeable AA batteries).

• Dimensions: (including the rain shield and bracket) 10 inches x 6 inches x 7 inches.

• Quick and Easy Installation: Mounting hardware


Weight 1.1 lbs


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