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Sprinkler Head Key Hider Diversion Safe


Sprinkler Head Key Hider Diversion Safe

Sprinkler Head Key Hider Diversion Safe

If you have an outdoor area in your home, you may consider purchasing a Sprinkler Head Key Hider Diversion Safe. This device disguises itself as a sprinkler head to blend in with the landscape. Unlike fake-looking rocks, this safe is waterproof and nearly indestructible. It is also ideal for hiding a key or several keys. The best part is that this device has a 90-day warranty.

The best way to hide your keys and other small items is to keep them in a diversion safe, such as a sprinkler nozzle. Whether you store your keys or cash in a Sprinkler Head Diversion Safe, they are waterproof and secure. The Sprinkler Head Key Hider Diversion Safe has an adjustable cap that screws onto the base. It is easy to place the Sprinkler Head Key Hider Diversion Safe in a discreet location and retrieve it whenever needed.

The sprinkler head key hider is an inexpensive option that works in both situations. You can hide it in plain sight or place it somewhere where no one will notice it. It is very affordable, so it can be placed outside your home. It can even be used for sprinkler-head tamper detection. Its top can be removed to reveal the secret compartment inside. It can prevent burglars from taking your key.


The Sprinkler Head Key Holder is made from a real sprinkler system head so it looks real and no one will ever suspect your hiding place. Whether you are keeping an extra key handy for yourself or leaving money or small documents for someone else, this is the ideal outdoor safe spot. The Sprinkler Key Hider is waterproof and virtually indestructible!

  • Realistic look – made to match a real sprinkler head
  • Waterproof and virtually indestructible
  • Enough room for keys, spare money or a small document
  • Only you will know where it is!
  • Attach your keys to the included key chain and screw into the sprinkler head so you don’t have to reach around in the dark
  • Internal Measurement 2.5″ x 1.5″ inches
Weight 0.2 lbs


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