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Traveling Self Protection

We all at one time or another go on a trip on vacation or on business. While traveling into unknown areas by yourself or with a traveling companion, you stop in a city or a town at a hotel or a motel or motor lodge. First time in any of them in the area. If you are lucky you are in a nice city everything well lite up at night. This could give you a false pretense on saftey. That is why you will have your “Traveling Self Protection” with you. You want to feel secure.

They have on the market several different devices that will give you peace of mind. What you need in this case is a personal alarm that has three way functions. It is a 3 in 1 130db personal alarm with light. First of all the alarm is extremely loud. Louder then the human ear can take for very long. This 3 in 1 alarm is carried by you for a loud personal alarm this alarm will surely draw attention when activated. When you check into the hotel it will act as a door or window alarm. With this little item in your room you can sleep like a baby knowing that your sleeping area is secure.

William Souza

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