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Traveling Self Protection

We all at one time or another go on a trip on vacation or on business. While traveling into unknown areas by yourself or with …

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Self Defense Senior Protection

The way the climate is in our country now days we are wise to concentrate on Self Defense Senior Protection. It seems more and more …

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Mace Triple Action Police Pepper Spray

 Mace Triple Action  Would like to bring attention to a wonderful self defense product.  The Mace Triple Action Police Pepper Spray .  What we have …

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Self Defense Weapons For Women

Bills Protection has many different types and styles of self defense weapons for women to give you confidence in knowing you can take care of …

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Mase Pepper Gun 2.0

If you’ve ever had the unpleasant experience of being attacked, preyed upon, or in a dangerous situation, you know how important it is to be …

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Bear Pepper Spray

To start with lets talk alittle about bears. They are wonderful animals. Bears are smart and very curious. They eat about anything they want. like …

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Stun Guns

Stun Guns at a glance. They are the perfect nonlethal weapon. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be very small. …

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My Life

Hello glad you dropped by to check out my website. I feel that if you knew a little about me it might make it easier …

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